Helenna Jouja published beside her own masterpieces the world's most expensive paintings. Everybody knows them already. But nobody ever published the world's most inexpensive paintings.


Top 1 expensive

US$ 460.3 M + Painting: Salvator Mundi, Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Top 1 inexpensive

US$ 0.04 Painting: Fuck the World, Artist: Tornado la Grinci


500 Salvator Mundi


Top 2 expensive

US$ 317 M + Painting: Interchange, Artist: Willem de Kooning

Top 2 inexpensive

US$ 0.37 Painting: Interact, Artist: Helen A. Jouja

inexpensive de Kooning


Top 3 expensive

US$ 278 M

Painting: The Card Players; Artist: Paul Cezanne

Top 3 inexpensive

US$ 0.78

Painting: Swallowed and Disgorged ; Artist H.T. Conjuror

500 inexpensive Karo As


Top 4 expensive

US$ 222 M

Painting: Nafea Faa Ipoipo (When Will You Marry), Artist: Paul Gauguin

Top 4 inexpensive

Euro: 001.15

Painting: Mir Miru Vsegda i Vezde (Send Peace to the World. Always and Everywhere), Artist: Pavel Kavkin

500 inExpensive Gaugin


Top 5 expensive

US$ 211 M

Painting: Number 17A, Artist: Jackson Pollock

Top 5 inexpensive

US$ 11.2

Painting: Menu 17, Artist: Trattoria Rollock

 500 inexpensive Pollock Nr 17


Top 6 expensive

US$ 197.7 M

Painting: Wasserschlangen, Artist: Gustav Klimt

Top 6 in expensive

US$ 0,1977

Painting: Polystyren, Artist: Gusto Slim

500 inexpensive Klimt 



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